Process Overview:  

Welcome to the online tour of the production facilities at al textiles. with over 250 looms , 100 stitching machines and hundred of employees , PK Home has an impressive vertically production infrastructure. As a result we are able to successfully fulfill orders of any type and size.

Having a good knowledge and command to provide the best quality of Textile Products with our specialty in TOWEL sector. We have our own Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Bleaching and stitching.
With a highly professional team we provide good quality product to our customers. Our basic objective is to get the Customer Satisfaction.


1. Plain Terry With & Without Dobby
)No. of Looms
b)Production Capacity
d)Fabric Construction

50,000 Lbs/Day
Picks/inch with 76
Reed. 200 to 750


We have our own bleaching facility.
Production Capacity 9,000 Lbs/Day
 3 Winch, 2 Soft Flow , 3 Sample Winch , 2 Jet Dyeing Machine, 1 Tumble Dryer, 1 Tumble Dryer Continuous
1 Drum Dryer, 7 Complete Set of Kare and Continuous washing., 2 Hydro , Softening Plant , 2 Boiler
We have our own in house dyeing facility.
500,00 Pieces/Month
50,000 Lbs/Day

We have over 450 latest stitching machines from JUKI, and PEGASUS in addition we have special operation machines for specific operations.
Stitching Operators are well trained to meet the most difficult cut and sew operations.

Over lock 100
Hamming 100

Production Capacity 30,000 Lbs/ Day

We have established a simple and very productive system of greigh fabric inspection. We inspect each and every yard of the fabric for weight control and weaving errors.

As soon as our inspector finds an error or defect in the fabric, our Greigh supervisor contacts the weaving facility and asks them to fix the problem right away. In addition one of our greigh inspector visits the facility and re-confirm that error has been fixed. By this system, our "B" percentage has been reduced and quality has been improved.

Final Packing
The packing area is fully equipped for meeting every product's unique labeling and tagging requirements

To achieve superior quality in our finished fabrics, while meeting our commitment to our community and environment. 

Compactors for controlling Dimensional stability and for providing brilliance in finishing.

We capture the true essence of colors keeping vibrancy, depth and brightness in our dyeing plant.

The company offers vast range of varieties for every market. However, orders are booked, processed and delivered as per customers' individual specifications and requirements.







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